When Disaster Strikes

Rotary is there to help

We can not do it alone-- we need your help!

Just as when a disaster, such as the earthquake in Nepal, we joined with other Rotary clubs from around the world, to combine our financial and material resources to bring immediate help to those most in need.


The URGENT CALL went out for help

-------- Original message --------

From: Rob Rose

Date: 11/25/2015 2:55 PM (GMT+05:45) 

To: "Y.P DAS" Rajan Raut, Nugal Vaidya Cc: Thomas Fribel

Subject: Urgent!!! Rotary assistance for remote village.... 

Dear Yash, Nugal and Rajan,


I was very dismayed to hear from Thomas Friebel  that there was an earthquake affected remote area that had yet to receive any substantial relief aid.  The road to their village has been destroyed and Thomas relayed that the villagers are freezing in their makeshift shelters.  This is a critical situation and I hope that we can mobilize Rotary and Rotaract to at least get proper tents, water and sanitation to this area asap!  Thomas had just visited this area.  More details from Thomas are below...can we get something going via Rotary to help?  I know there have just been many blankets donated by Petaluma Rotary USA to RC Kathmandu....perhaps those blankets could be distributed in this area? 

Please let me know what we can do...I am so upset that this group is in such urgent need....

Yours in Rotary,


Nepal blanket 8

The response was immediate

The Rotary Clubs of Hurstville, Rockdale, Botany Bay and Marrickville have all donated $2000 each. A British Rotarian donated over $6000 and Corrimal Rotary various amounts.

The blankets are for hospitals in remote areas.

"The temperature was 14 today dropping to 4 tonight and it gets so much colder in January and February".

This is a life and death project for the people of these remote areas heavily-affected by the earthquakes where limited relief supplies were distributed.


The Rotary Club of Kathmandu were the local club partners, co-coordinating the purchase and distribution of the much needed blankets

2015 Nepal Blankets x2
Nepal Blankets 1
2015 Nepal Blankets x 6
blankets 6

But we don't wait for a disaster as Rotary was already working for several years in Nepal, helping a local community.

Rotarians Janice Hall of Hurstville Rotary and Janice Reid of Kogarah Rotary had teamed up to build a school

 We have now added a toilet block and 3 more classrooms. The micro credit project followed where the women were given a small loan (which has 99% return rate) . The  most recent stage was setting up scholarship funds for girls to remain in school. Parents pay for boys education but marry girls off as young as 12.




This was their school. No walls, no toilets, one book for the teacher, no furniture.

Capture school