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The Rotary Club of Hurstville has a proud history for over 76 years of service to the community.

It takes dedicated, enthusiastic volunteers to achieve this continuing high level of assistance to those who need it.

Would you like to participate and gain the satisfaction that service to others gives?

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                             Recent  work

We have been proud supporters over many years of the
St George Hospital.

Our annual highly successful fund raising events such as the
"Antiques and Collectables Fair" and the "Magic Festival"                  contribute largely to this and other work within our community. 


Presentation  to the

St George  Hospital

of a

CTG  machine 

This important piece of equipment monitors the baby's

heart beat in the Maternity ward.  

Left to Right

Lorena Matthews Nursing Co-Director Women’s and Children’s Health Services
Dina Sadek, Midwifery Educator ,
Louise Everitt, Clinical Midwifery Consultant                                                                                   

Marina Rhodes Midwifery Educator  
Amanda Reilly, Midwifery Educator and                        
Lyn Leitch, Midwife                                                                                                                     Rotarians Jan Gartrell and James Forester


Presentation to the

St George  Hospital

of a

Cardiac Defibrillator 


for the cardiac intensive care ward.


This vital device is used when patients are being transferred within the hospital.


 Left to Right

Kate Powell, Nursing Unit Manager, Intensive Care Unit
A/Prof Theresa Jacques, Director Department of Intensive Care.
Rotarians: James Forester and Jan Gartrell



Gabby was very special and rewarding club project.

Hurstville Rotary raised over $40 thousand dollars by organising a fun dinner night full of dancing entertainment and auctions raising $32 thousand on the night.            Other events included a great lively Trivia night.

Hurstville Rotary coordinated with the Spastic Association, receiving a grant of $10 thousand. Along with other funds already raised and special deals with both with the purchase of the vehicle along with the wheel chair access conversion. 

The result was that it all came together under 12mths resulting in a wonderful outcome.

Gabby Hand Over 912 web photo

Gabby has a severe disability brought about after she was diagnosed at birth with Infantile Spasms.

As a result she suffered endless numbers of seizures which had left her at the age of 16 years old with the mental capacity of a two year old along with the inability to walk or to do any physical activities unaided.

Gabby’s mother Neovy is wonderful, loving single mother, totally devoted to her beautiful daughter and had been left to look after Gabby on her own without a vehicle. Gabby needs her mother a 100% of the time to look after her.

Neovy had to solve this problem by borrowing her daughter’s car which did not have wheel chair access.
As a result, Neovy suffered from a swollen disc and several pulled back mussels resulting from constantly lifting Gabby into a car. When Neovy was lucky, she could access a wheel chair modified van, loaned to her by the "St George Children with Disabilities Association".

Gabby Hand Over 951 web photo

From the left

Rotarians: Jan Gartrell, Dorothy Dixon, Bernie Dolan
Neovy and Gabby

Hurstville Rotary appreciates, that all those in our community believe that being part of a family outing or just being able to enjoy the outdoors is a right for everyone.

That is why when we learned that the St George School which caters for students with serve disabilities, did not have a special outdoor wheelchair, capable of going along a sandy beach and into the water, we set about to raise the $3,500 funds to purchase the Sand Piper by Yabby Industries who where a generous partner

Where conventional wheelchairs do not provide the access, this wheelchair’s pneumatic tyres make it possible to transport those that we love with disabilities to our beaches, playgrounds and theme parks with ease and in comfort.

Parent's at the school can book, free of charge, the chair for the weekends or over the school holidays and have the full family experience.



From the left

Rotarian Jan Gartrell and School Principal Dianna


Another way that Hurstville Rotary works in our community, is to financially support both the St George Men's Shed and the Carinya School for  special needs.


The St George Men’s Shed is a community-based, non-profit, non-commercial organisation that is accessible to all men and whose primary activity is the provision of a safe and friendly environment where men are able to work on meaningful projects at their own pace in their own time in the company of other men. A major objective is to advance the well-being and health of their male members.

Working on community projects allows members to not only be active but to give to the community their skills and experience.


Carinya School provides an education for students aged 8-18, with the majority of the students being secondary age.

Carinya caters for students with anxiety, various special learning needs,

mental health problems and in some cases, autism. 

downloads 603
Men Shed special needs seat 002
Men Shed special needs seat 056

When Carinya School needed an outdoor seat for the students to be able to sit under a tree and when the teachers asked for vegetable garden beds to be constructed for that the students to  grow the food that they would later cook with in their food technology classes. 

They approached the Men's Shed who were keen to design and construct in total 5 large timber garden beds with fencing around to keep stray foot balls out.
The materials were all paid for by Rotary in a grant given to the Men's Shed.


Other projects